1 Position : CRM Customer Relations Manager 

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • ​Planning and delivering CRM strategies across the company encouraging customer retention and customer loyalty.

  • Deciding on the CRM platform structure and architecture ensuring it works seamlessly across the organisation and captures all required information at key points in the customer life cycle.

  • Customer Journey Mapping analysing touch points with the organisation and maximising commercial opportunities.

  • Working closely with all departments to ensure the CRM works effectively for all aspects of the company. 

  • Overseeing direct communications with customers through the CRM.

  • Come up with great customer promotion to drive sales and customer experience.

  • Monitor and maximise customer lifetime value strategies ensuring maximum profitability.

  • Ensuring the database is segmented effectively for targeted marketing activities.

  • Overseeing the migration of all direct communications to lower cost mediums such as SMS and email.

  • Developing testing strategies for all aspects of the CRM to ensure the most effective approach for the company and its products.

  • Interfacing all customer requests online and phone calls.

  • Coordinating with Operational Manager(s) and Driver Operator(s)

  • Developing presentation files and giving presentations to meet company sales targets

  • Self-motivated and creative to drive company growth.

Job Requirement

Fresh graduate in Marketing, Business Admin, Social Sciences and Other OND/HND/BSc

​Self motivated, excellent communicator and honest

Post Date      :  April 2nd 2015

Closing Date :  May 31st 2015

Email : Career@innocravesolutions.com

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